In the spirit of healing with herbs, we understand that we each have the possibility of helping one another. Therefore we create a safe container for people to drop into intuition, and to develop a deeper relationship with the medicines that daily surround us. This will be a practical, hands-on experience, working directly with native plant medicines.

This course is sharing a fusion of our core practical experience as herbalists, food growers, medicine practitioners, and the best we have to offer in holding communal space, in the spirit of celebration, group cohesion, and focused intent on healing. You will come away with - • The ability to understand and use practically many herbs in your environment • The understanding of how to pick and process herbs of the highest quality. • Your own specific healing herbs suited to your where you are at. • a close direct relationship with the herbs on a physical, emotional and psychological level. • A deeper understanding of the relationship between herbs and the spiritual.

How to register

If you would like to come on the course, then you need to contact us either via email or phone. Please check the dates and fees of the course, and the location, and let us know how you would like to pay for the course.

We will contact email you a welcome pack with more details about the course and what to bring and what to expect.

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Alternatively, you can also use the contact form at the bottom of the page. Just fill in the details, let us know you want to come on the course, and which dates you choose – in 2017 the dates are 9th – 13th of June, and the 1st to the 5th of September.


News Feed regarding upcoming September course


As the seasons turn from summer into autumn, we reflect back on the June course and the lessons learnt, while anticipating ahead to the September course and what it may bring.


It was evident to us on the June course that it was the intelligences of the plants themselves that were largely guiding the process. The intuitive exercises showed us that synchronicities were more than just mere co-incidences. We mention this so as to reiterate that this is not a course intended to just give more information. We have ample access to this through the internet. We intend, yet again, to slow down to the pace of nature, and tune into the intelligence of the plants.


There are a few alterations to the structure of the course this September. The main change has been to reduce the length of the course down to a weekend, rather than the full 4 days we initially intended. This is because we wanted to make the course more accessible to people who can’t afford to take the time off work. It was a difficult decision because we are aware that a lot of the interesting stuff comes up after a few days. This is largely due to the fact that in our busy lifestyles, it takes us time to arrive, and slow down to the rhythms of nature.


Herbs are occasionally a quick fix, but this is not our intention. We ultimately wish to promote a lifestyle shift, encouraging people to adopt herbal medicine as a way of life for general everyday well-being. This, we believe, is the most powerful and effective way of working with the plants.


We realise that we are a part of a growing movement who feel similar. The rise in interest and opportunities in herbal medicine are on the increase, and this has in part been stimulated by necessity rather than curiosity. Access to high quality herbs and nutrition is still a big issue in the modern world, even for those who can afford it. In addition there are conflicting messages spread through the media as to the best approach to manage ones health.


And we do not claim to have found all the answers. We know only what works for us, our families and our friends, and those we have worked with. We recognise however, that we are inheritors of a tradition, which has persisted because of its value to people in all walks of life. Some of the remedies we use go back thousands of years. They are ancestral. In addition, we encourage you to build relationships directly with the herbs through the cultivation of them, and we can assist you with the tools to do this.


A big aspect of this course is the recognition and intention to connect to the spirits of the herbs. We use the word spirits in the traditional sense, but we could equally use, in the words of Stephen H Buhner, “the invisibles”. We want to welcome these intelligences into our weekend, to guide and initiate people themselves. We, as humans can only do so much to instruct one-another, but the plants themselves are the real teachers of the lore. We allow them to show us the way. In the evenings we are using the medium of sound, through drum, rattle, and gong, to assist inner journeywork to tune into the spirits of the plants.


This September course will be a time of fruiting and seeding, as the wild creatures scurry around gathering all they can while the time is ripe. It will be a time of welcoming in the spirits of the harvest, of abundance, of the earth mother, the provider of all life. At the heart of this time is the “seed”, the beginning and the end of any plants life cycle. We welcome you to join us on the journey, this feast celebrating our heritage and ancestral knowledge of plant medicine.



Stephen Watts

Stephen has a natural memory for all things herbal. His approach to herbs recognises the subject embedded within a wide framework of holism, through nutrition, spirituality, and lifestyle.  He follows the traditional belief that a true herbalist through their practice not only dispenses the right herbs but also has the ability to transfer the spirit of that herb, which allows the medicine(s) of the herb(s) to work at a deeper level, rather than just through the active constituents.

He was drawn into the subject as a teenager through having to heal his own physical ailments, of which herbs played a key part. This quite naturally lead on to working with others, taking people on wild food and medicine walks for hundreds of people over the years. His skills became recognized and acknowledged by acclaimed herbalists, despite having had no formalized training in herbal medicine. His background draws upon his 5 year aprentiship training with the late Richard Clare, renowned organic food teacher and grower. This training followed into a 3 year formalized shamanic practitioner training with the Sacred Trust. The shamanic training although not drawing specifically on herbs or herbalism, helped deepen Stephen’s intuitive approach to medicine. Stephen has been a Coed resident for the past 7 years, assisting primarily the development and overseeing of the gardens through his background in organic horticulture, permaculture, biodynamics, forest gardening and market gardening.

In 2016 Stephen spent 6 months in Zimbabwe, spending time learning the traditional medicines of the Shona people. Stephen intends to go back to Zimbabwe to continue learning the traditional medical practice of the Shona.

Dan Collins

​As far back as I can remember I’ve always been fascinated by the things people call weeds in their garden.


Whilst growing up I spent countless summer’s walking along the canals and hedgerows with my mother connecting and collecting with the edible delights on offer. I’ve always been a keen gardener spending many a happy hour with my dad and grandad in the garden or the allotment growing lot so of flowers, fruits and vegetables.


In the last two or three years the pieces of the jigsaw have come together and the lessons that were taught to me by my parents and grandparents as the knowledge that they took for granted is now being lost in a world of digital media and technology.


In the year 2000 I decided to take medicine a bit more seriously when I moved house with a big garden and started to grow grabs along with all of my other plants.


Many years later in 2010 I joined sensory solutions herbal medicine apprenticeship course that helped me to connect a lot deeper with the plant spirits and it also gave me a good grounding in herbal medicine. Along with the course I spent a lot of time in their dispensary learning how to prepare balms, tincture and teas. In the summer’s I travelled with their mobile dispensary visiting festivals and seeing a steady flow of patients. During this time I started running herb walks helping to put people in touch with the hedgerows sharing stories, wisdom and folklore.


Herbs are a part of my everyday life now and I love to share the knowledge so that it is not lost or forgotten.


A number of years ago I conducted a herb walk with a fellow herbalist Zoe Blackwell. Whilst planning our route we stumbled across a herbal medicine amphitheatre. The herbs became the stars of the show, and just as in the circus, I acted as the ringmaster making grand announcements, bringing forth the hidden celebrities of the plant world. Since then whenever I am teaching or conducting herb walks I have been fusing my circus and theatre skills with the teachings of our native plants to make a thoroughly entertaining and informative experience for everyone in attendance.